The Dig

Life is a paradox. Experientially, we always stray between extremes, from the mundane to the sublime, and exultation to despair. For a true sense of perspective on the lens of that paradox, however, “The Dig” provides a simultaneously broad and intimate view of just what the paradox of existence might involve. In a curiously compelling […]

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“Joker” is, to put it bluntly, a disturbing movie. In addition to giving the audience an uncomfortable front-row seat to the mental breakdown of a struggling man, the movie takes a decidedly and unabashedly grim view of both man and society. It puts the audience in a curious position of asking: Who is the hero? […]

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They Shall Not Grow Old

Storytelling, like war, is an inherently destructive process. Especially when one is dealing with historical events and personages, anyone who seeks to frame an event or character against its historical background is faced with an immediate problem: what is it that belongs? What is it that is central? What is unnecessary? What can be eliminated? […]

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First Man

It is an all too human temptation to believe that historical figures lived their lives with a single-minded purpose, assured of their place in the lexicon of time. Categorize “First Man” as further evidence to the contrary. The film takes time to show, in painstaking detail, just all of the setbacks and difficulties that needed […]

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

One of my favorite reviewers on YouTube has a film rating called “A good time if you’re drunk.” Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom fits nicely into such a category. The proposed rules: every time you predict a plot point, take a shot. You will have a grand time. The only problem is that you could have […]

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The Incredibles 2

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, I maintain, is one of the greatest movie trilogies ever made. “Batman Begins” is groundbreaking, and “The Dark Knight,” even outside the realm of superhero films, is one of the best movies yet brought to the screen. Then comes the “Dark Knight Rises.” Easily the worst of the three, it nonetheless […]

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